United States of Amnesia – Looking for Fierce Spoken Word Poets!

Award-winning performance artist and spoken-word poet José Torres-Tama returns to GALA in October 2020 to premiere  a newly commissioned spoken word performance opera - United States of Amnesia: From Fugitive Slave Act to Zero Tolerance.

As part of the development process, Torres-Tama is conducting research and identifying local spoken word poets and performers to collaborate in the creation of this new work residencies in June and October 2020.

We are looking to engage with:

- A female, bilingual, Latin American DREAMER poet.
- A female, trans, or non-binary African American or Muslim poet.
- A female, trans, or non-binary African American opera singer.

All participating artists must be based in the DC metro area. To be considered, contact the artist directly at jose@torrestama.com or 504.232.2968. Learn more at www.torrestama.com.

United States of Amnesia: From Fugitive Slave Act to Zero Tolerance is a commission by GALA, in collaboration with Ashé Cultural Arts Center (New Orleans). Performing the roles of shamanistic time travelers is an ensemble of Black and Brown artists who chronicle the hidden history of a nation that seduces its citizenry to embrace forgetting. The ensemble  revisits laws from the Fugitive Slave Act (1793) to the Zero Tolerance Policy (2018) and  expose a legacy of US laws written to dispossess people of color from their liberated bodies and “inalienable” constitutional rights in the United States of Amnesia, a nation founded on white supremacist beliefs.

CANCELLED! Join us on March 22 at 3 pm for a FREE Performance as Catalyst to Activate Community Dialogue!

Don't miss José Torres-Tama perform excerpts from ALIENS, IMMIGRANTS, & OTHER EVILDOERS, which he premiered at GALA in 2010, and new text from the upcoming United States of Amnesia.

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