Paso Nuevo, Summer 2019

 Thursday, August 1, 2019 at 8:00 pm
 Presented in English and Spanish, and directed by Guadalupe Campos, Delbis Cardona, Catherine Nunez, and Camilo Linares.
The program is family friendly.

Paso Nuevo takes a fresh look at a beloved classic, Romeo and Juliet, and transforms Dupont Circle to Verona Circle, where the diversity of the city is embraced, gender roles are defied, and some of the classical text is delivered in Spanish.

At a time when national leaders attempt to divide our country by pitting one group against another," states Paso Nuevo Director Guadalupe Campos, "our diverse ensemble of Latinx, African American, and multi-cultural youth challenge us to find our commonality, engage in civil discourse, and reject the politics of division and violence in our unified efforts against racial discrimination and social injustice.”

The Paso Nuevo ensemble includes Irina Benson, Layla Brent, Mónica Cisneros, Joselyn Gómez, Carmelo Green, Laila Hart, Kennedy Hinnant, Tania Latin, Marselina López Fuentes, Irvin Méndez Santana, Christell Miranda, Ashely Ramírez Santos, Kayla Randolph, Malik Robertson, Jamari Samuel,  Ayonné Thomas, Almando Vallejo, Serenity Wiggins, and Alejando Zúniga.

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