Paso Nuevo, Spring 2019

 Wednesday, May 22, 2019 at 7:30 pm
 Presented in English and Spanish, and directed by Guadalupe Campos.
The program contains some strong language and is not recommended for young children.

Sincere Words (Palabras Sinceras) is a collection of poetry and short scenes written and developed by Paso Nuevo participants developed by Paso Nuevo participants. Be moved by stories about about love, friendship, family, and migration.

This original production is the culmination of a four month exploration of human emotions, needs, and actions by Paso Nuevo participants through the arts.

The Paso Nuevo participants are Pablo Avedaño Cruz, Carlos Calzado, Claudia Centeno, José Coca, Evelin Delgado, Alicia Díaz, Alexi Misael Garay, Vidal González, Gerson Hernández, Nohemi King, Clarissa Lazo, Jennifer López, Marselina López-Fuentes, Sintia Madrid Romero, Yackelin Meléndez, Katheryn Mendoza, Christell Miranda, Irvin Quintanilla, Alejandro Ramos, Takenya Toliver, Ericka Valencia, Almando Vallejo Baez, Alejandro Zuniga, Fátima Ventura, Anthonia Whitten, and Anderson Zepeda.

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