Poetic Chicle – The Return of Loco Culebra

World Premiere!
 Written and Performed by Quique Avilés
 March 15 and 16, 2019
 Friday and Saturday at 8 pm

In this show about citizenship, led by poetry and percussion, Avilés returns to the stage as Loco Culebra, defender of los cafecitos, whom God has sent to earth to check on the state of refugees and immigrants in the Trump era. Through Loco Culebra, we follow Chamba, a Salvadoran child chicle (gum) vendor, who travels over three decades and three borders to the United States, where he gets an education, marries, and becomes a citizen. Chamba’s American dream, however, is threatened when Trump ends temporary protected status for his mother and thousands of others who now face deportation.

Tickets: $20 – General admission, $15 Groups (10+).

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