Paso Nuevo, Summer 2018

 Friday, August 3, 2018 at 8 pm

An adaptation by playwright Cornelia Cody and the Paso Nuevo Youth Performance Group. Performed in English and Spanish, the presentation is directed by Mauricio Pita. Appropriate for ages 10 and up.

Blood Wedding, Federico García Lorca’s classic tragedy, explores the norms of society and how they clash with our individual needs, which keeps one from being with those we love; a play with poetry, music, laughter, and reflection. Lorca’s poetry investigates fate, death, and the most powerful emotion: love.

The production is a culmination of a six-week intensive session that brought together diverse youth from throughout the DC area to explore all elements of theatre making. The students worked in teams of: Set design, light design, sound design, projections, marketing, stage management, performance, dramaturgy, translations, and music, and with the guidance of theatre professionals created a stage performance. This adaptation of Blood Wedding also includes some gang prevention and safety tips, as they are part of what affects youth today, thanks to an interactive and productive workshop led by the Washington DC Metropolitan Police Department.

The Paso Nuevo participants are Irina Benson, Jordan Berry, E’Lexius (Lex) Blackwell, Melissa Cadena, Claudia Canjura, José Coca, Tarise (Sara) Dickens, Santiago Durán, Jason Gómez, Vidal González, Laila Hart, Leydi Hernández, Jaelyn Hill, Fayola Jean, Jennifer López, Marselina López-Fuentes, Karlyn (KC) McAllister, Christell Miranda, Christofer Morales, Ashley Ramírez, Malik Robertson, Nayeli Zapata, and Yocasterin Zapata.

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