Paso Nuevo, Summer 2017

 Friday, August 4, 2017 at 8 pm

 Performed in English with some Spanish, the presentation is directed by Martha Mckeown. The program contains some strong language and is not recommended for young children.

Through scenes, music, and dance, “Tell “Em What’s REALLY Wrong" speaks to an array of coming-of-age issues the youth in the summer program are facing as they develop and evolve in our current environment. In this era of tweets and tension in the public discourse, the young artists feel the need to grapple with these issues through their writing and performance as they interact with the larger world.

The show is the culmination of an intense six week process that brought together Latino, African-American and biracial youth from throughout the city to make their voices heard through theatre.

In collaboration with the Theater Lab School of Dramatic Arts.

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