2017-2018 Season

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2017-2018 Season... Where Language is a Bridge
Don Juan Tenorio, The Infamous Seducer of All Times
XIII Fuego Flamenco Festival
La Foto (A Selfie Affair)
En el tiempo de las mariposas (In the Time of the Butterflies)
Dancing in my Cockroach Killers

Dance, Music, Comedy, and Film:
Oruro: Ballets Milenarios de Bolivia
6th Annual Film Festival: REEL TIME AT GALA
Puerto Rico... WEPA! A weekend with Comedian Ángel Vázquez

Bancaflor, The Girl Wizard
Volcanoes - Tales of El Salvador

Paso Nuevo:
Tell 'em What's REALLY Wrong (Summer 2017)
Fall 2017
Winter 2017
Spring 2018

Special Events:
Noche de Estrellas 2018
2018 Helen Hayes Awards: Nominations

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