Contemporary and Classic Latin American Movies

 6th Annual Film Festival
 Mexico – Chile – Dominican Republic 
 November 29 - December 3, 2017

A series of films exploring the socio-political landscapes of Chile and Dominican Republic, as well as contemporary and classical films from Mexico. Panel discussions with the curator, artists and film experts will be held after the screenings.

All screenings are in Spanish with English subtitles. 
Discussions are in both Spanish and English. Translation will be available.

Tickets: $10 each or $30 Film Fest Pass to see all films, but the Mexican films on November 29 which are free.

Wednesday, Nov 29. 7 pm - Mexico (Presented by The immigration Film Festival and the Mexican Cultural Institute)

Refugio - Refuge (Dir. Eloi Chávez & Mayra Caal Gaspar, 2015, 27 min.)
Through the eyes of Mayra, we learn about the lives in Mexico of Amalia and Roberto, two former refugees who fled on foot from Guatemala, and the process they have had to go through in order to reconstruct themselves, regardless of the trauma of the genocide perpetrated by the army warfare.

The Salinas Project (Dir. Carolyn Brown, 2017, 47 min.) DC PREMIERE!
One hour south of the wealthy Silicon Valley, and 20 minutes east of the affluent Carmel area, sits the city of Salinas. On the east side of the city, in the predominantly Latino neighborhood known as Alisal, poverty, deplorable housing conditions and gang violence are a part of daily life.
This documentary profiles several children of migrant farm workers living in Alisal. Without resources, and sometimes undocumented, their future looks uncertain yet they cling to the hope of a better life.. In the face of adversity, the young people of Salinas strive to improve their social and economic realities by educating themselves and changing their lives, one generation at a time.
Post-film Q&A with Carolyn Brown.

Thursday, Nov 30. 7 pm - Dominican Republic

El sitio de los sitios - Site of Sites (Dir. Natalia Cabral and Oriol Estrada, Dominican Republic, 2016, 61 min.)
Humans have significantly altered the natural world in a way that no other species has. In Natalia Cabral and Oriol Estrada’s film, an award-winner at the 2016 IDFA Documentary Festival in Amsterdam, we witness one of the more obvious modes of this change: the creation of an artificial beach on a Caribbean resort. Alternating between semi-direct addresses to the camera and more intimate fly-on-the-wall moments, the film shows us the wealthy denizens of the resort—a beach bum actress, golfers—and the laborers who are reshaping the land for their benefit. –“Subtly teasing out the intersection of race, class, and environment, this documentary is not to be missed.” –Film Society of Lincoln Center
Post-film discussion with film expert, marketer, and blogger Hugo Pagan; María Victoria Abreu of the Global Foundation for Democracy and Development (GFDD); and curator Carlos Gutiérrez.
Reception hosted by the Embassy of the Dominican Republic.

Friday, Dec 1. 7 pm - Mexico

La vida inmoral de la pareja ideal - Tales of an Immoral Couple (Dir. Manolo Caro, 2016, comedy, rated R, 91 min.) DC PREMIERE!
The film centers on Lucio and Martina, two former lovers whose passionate romance began while attending a strict Catholic high school in Mexico. Twenty-five five years later, they unexpectedly run into each other in the city of San Miguel de Allende and despite still sharing an undiminished love for one another they both pretend to be in happy marriages - even if it's all lies. As they try to maintain their facades, a comedy of errors ensues that reveals the true reasons why the couple ended up separating in the first place. Shot on location in Mexico’s picturesque San Miguel de Allende, Tales of an Immoral Couple became one of the top-grossing Mexican films of last year. With a charming vivacity and a talented cast with impeccable comedic timing, the film offers U.S. audiences a great introduction to Caro, a director who deftly combines his artistry with comedy.
Post-film discussion with Executive Producer Gerardo Morán.
Reception hosted by the Mexican Cultural Institute and the Embassy of Mexico. 

Saturday, Dec 2

4 pm: Dominican Republic
Jeffrey (Dir. Yanillys Pérez, Dominican Republic/France, 2016, 78 min.) DC PREMIERE!
Winner of the Discovery Award for Best Film at the Toronto Film Festival, Jeffrey is a heart-warming portrait of a little windshield washer who dreams of becoming a reggaeton singer. Fiction and reality intertwine in this Dominican debut feature by Yanillys Perez that captures the soul of a country better known for its beautiful beaches and all-inclusive resorts.
Post-film discussion with Hugo Pagan, and curator Carlos Gutiérrez.

7 pm: Chile
Vida de familia - Family Life (Dir. Alicia Scherson and Cristián Jiménez, Chile, 2017, 80 min.)
NOTE: This film contains nudity and adult content.
Bruno and his family leave their Santiago home for a three-month visit to France. Bruno’s cousin Martín is left in charge of the house and cat. The cat goes missing, which leads Martín to meet Pachi. A romance begins, albeit one based on false pretenses: Martín claims the house is his, and that he’s a father and divorcé. Martín invents a whole new life—but when happens when real life comes back from holiday? Adapted from his own story by author Alejandro Zambra, Family Life is the inspired collaboration of directors Alicia Scherson and Cristián Jiménez, which received the top prize for Best Film at the past edition of the Miami Film Festival.
Post-film discussion with co-director Alicia Scherson and Roberto Brodsky, Cultural Attaché, Embassy of Chile.
Toast hosted by the Embassy of Chile.

Sunday, Dec 3

4 pm: Mexico - Homage to Pedro Infante on the centennial of his birth
Dos tipos de cuidado - Two Mischievous Guys (Dir. Ismael Rodríguez, Black&White, 1953, Comedy, 123 min.)
The film brings together two iconic Mexican entertainers - Jorge Negrete and Pedro Infante. For Mexican audiences, the pairing might be on the scale of Elvis meets Sinatra. Infante was one of Mexico's most popular stars ever, with 50 plus films to his credit (not to mention over 300 recorded songs). And Negrete's distinctive baritone propelled him across Latin America -- on tour, on screen and on radio. Both performers died relatively young; Negrete in 1953 and Infante in 1957. Dos Tipos de Cuidado was the only time they appeared together on screen, and was also the last feature Negrete starred in.
Post-film discussion with curator Carlos Gutiérrez

7 pm: Chile
Jesús (Dir. Fernando Guzzoni, Chile/France/Germany/Greece/Colombia, 2016, 85 min.) DC PREMIERE!
NOTE: This film contains nudity and adult content.
Based on true events, Fernando Guzzoni’s “raw and vital” (Village Voice) Jesús follows eighteen-year-old Jesús, who is trapped in a dead-end cycle of drugs, sex, apathy, and an obsession with violence. Living in a small flat with his widower father, Hector, where the TV covers up their inability to communicate, is not helping matters. After his band loses a competition, he and his friends get drunk and head out, looking for a thrill. They finally find it in a cemetery: a young defenseless boy crosses their path, and violence ensues. Soon, the attack is national news, and the police are searching for those responsible. Desperate to avoid the authorities as well as his friends, Jesús has no choice but to turn to his father for help. But, when the flesh of your flesh is rotten, will you go to any extent to protect it, or will you cut it loose? If this event makes Jesús and Hector closer than ever, it will also tear them apart forever...
Post-film discussion with curator Carlos Gutiérrez and Roberto Brodsky, Cultural Attaché, Embassy of Chile.
Festival closing.

In collaboration with the Embassies of Mexico, the Dominican Republic, and Chile, the Mexican Cultural Institute, the Global Foundation for Democracy and Development, and Cinema Tropical of New York.

Community Partners: Filmfest DC, Washington, DC Film Society, and Women in Film & Video.

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