2018-2019 Season: Heart... Dreams... Family

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Como agua para chocolate (Like Water for Chocolate)
XIV Fuego Flamenco Festival

  • Reditum: José Barrios & Co. of Casa Patas (Madrid) 
  • La Sobremesa: Omayra Amaya with Edwin Aparicio (Flamenco Aparicio Dance Co.)

El viejo, el joven y el mar (The Old Man, the Youth, and the Sea)
FAME, The Musical en Español

Dance, Music, Comedy, and Film:
7th Annual Film Festival: REEL TIME AT GALA
Poetic Chicle, with Quique Avilés

Entre el cielo y la tierra (Between Earth and Sky)

Special Events:
Noche de Estrellas 2019

Single Tickets: 
  • $48 Thursdays through Sundays. Tickets for FAME are $65 for now.
  • $30 Seniors (65+), Students, and Military. Tickets for FAME are $40.
  • $25 Group Sales (10+). Tickets for FAME are $30
  • Noche de GALA: $55 individual, $95 couple. Tickets for FAME are $80 individual, $150 couple.
  • GALita: $12 adults, $10 children - General Admission.
  • Presenting Series (Dance, Music, Comedy, and Film): $30 - General Admission.

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