Student Matinee Programs: Over 9,000 students attend theater in Spanish

GALA provides access to a high quality theater education experience in a bilingual environment where students and teachers can establish a connection and learn more about the diversity of Hispanic arts and cultures.

This program promotes literacy and improves language skills. It increases knowledge about history, literature and the arts. Through this program, GALA supports and facilitates the learning efforts of teachers and students of the Spanish language.

The goals of our Student Matinee programs are:

• Share the excitement of the theatre with students;
• Introduce students to their theatrical cultural heritage;
• Challenge the lack of knowledge that exists about Latino culture; and
• Create a generation of future dramatists, theatre artists, administrators & theatre-goers.

We offer Mainstage matinees productions appropriate for students in middle through high school in public, private and charter schools, and GALita matinees for students in elementary school. These programs are designed to be aligned with the Common Core ELA standards. 

In order to make the Student Matinee Programs more rewarding for students and teachers, GALA provides:

  • Bilingual study guides for teachers and students that provide ways to integrate the theater experience into the classroom. These study guides may contain contextual information on the play and playwright, vocabulary lists, cross-word puzzles, geography and history questions, and related reading lists and classroom activities to enhance the student's cultural literacy and learning experience;
  • An electronic copy of the script in Spanish and English are sent to educators when they make a reservations for a student group or at their request;
  • Each student matinee is followed by a post-performance discussion in which students and teachers engage in dialogue with the artists and production staff.

Tickets are $15 each for Mainstage matinees and $10 each for GALita matinees. For every 20 student tickets purchased, one free educator ticket will be provided. Advance reservations are required and should be made through GALA's education department. All parent/chaperone tickets must be arranged through the teacher who makes the reservation for the group.

Reservations are accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis by submitting this RESERVATION FORM. If a reservation is for a group of 30 or more, an advance of 10% of the estimated reservation amount is required within ten (10) business days from the invoice date. Click here to review Student Matinee Reservation Policies.

For more information, please contact

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Phone:(202) 234-7174
Tickets online: GALA Ticket Box
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